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2Spec is the product of a lifelong passion and fascination with cars, and in particular motorsport. This passion can be traced back to childhood - the very first time we heard a rally car screaming through a freezing Welsh forest in fact. The sounds, the speed, the smell: The sensory overload had us hooked immediately.
Since then, a long succession of cars has come and gone. Rally cars have been built and extensively used. Classic cars have been restored (with subtle improvements) and endurance events have been entered and successfully completed, only serving to build further on our love for cars and driving them. Even all these years later, we still get a huge kick out of working on and driving cars. We have never been far away from all things mechanical during our working lives either. Between us our work has spanned electronics, robotic control systems and motorsport transmission design across many organisations and major OEMs. All of this experience has allowed us to found 2Spec group, a company built on in-depth knowledge, passion and a love of high quality engineering and design. We have grounded these principles in all that we do at 2Spec, and into everything we create.
Our motorsport transmission products are designed to the highest standards – and then extensively tested to ensure reliability and performance. We approach our axle builds, classic gearbox rebuilds and drivelines in exactly the same robust way, maintaining the highest quality standards. We’re also able to design and supply transmission concepts for future and niche vehicles, focusing on sophisticated technology and innovative design to reduce CO2 emissions, as well as packaging space and complexity. This can be commissioned either via a 2Spec-driven project or as a collaborative research project.
Our passion for building and working on classic cars is channelled into all of our builds – it truly is a labour of love. We undertake competition preparation and restoration for classic cars as well as kit car and motorbike builds. We take immense pleasure in breathing life back into cars, giving them the care and dedication they deserve to ensure they continue to last for many years to come.
Based in Warwickshire, we actively encourage customers to visit our workshop. We believe in openness and collaboration and like to be work directly with customers throughout the design and build process to ensure they are delighted with the result. We have built on all this knowledge and experience to create the 2Spec Journal. This is our outlet that showcases all of our products, projects and services, as well as serving as a catalogue of all the smaller engineering details that are often missed in other publications.
For more information on what we do, along with some of our case studies, have a look at our website or check us out on social media. If you’d like to talk through any requirements, we’d be really happy to have a chat.

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Pauls passion for motorsport was born in 1979 at the RAC Rally in Sutton Park. At the age of 6, the smells, sights and sounds of a Ford Escort sliding sideways captured his imagination and brought with it a desire to compete.

Building his first rally car in 1998 to compete in the BTRDA with a Talbot Sunbeam, Paul discovered a passion and inherent capability for all things mechanical which in future years led to his love of classic cars. 

With over 25 years’ experience in building engines and gear boxes and bringing modern engine management systems to the beauty of a classic car, Paul has an eye for electronic engineering which is second to none.

Having restored several classic vehicles including his highly-modified Dolomite Sprint (which is now considered part of the family), Paul has gone on to rebuild many classics - the latest project being a BMW 2002. 

Car Count:

BMW 2002

Dolomite Sprint 1 – the family member

Dolomite Sprint 2 – the rally car