We've moved....

....some time ago, actually, but we are just starting to catch up with ourselves!

Back in October '19, we found out that the lease on our workshop was not going to be extended, so we had to find somewhere new by the end of the year.

This wasn't great timing, we were busy and had plenty of work to be getting on with and the winter was drawing in.

As luck would have it, a friend of a friend knew of a place that sounded just right for us - more space, taller roof so we could install a ramp, roller shutters so we could get full sized cars (and vans) in and out easily and on site security. This meant that we could increase our capability for works, including bespoke fabrication for all kinds of modifications and competition works.

November was a busy, productive month for us, although not much paid work was done!

Between us, with the help of a friend's trailer (thanks Ben@Majestic-Motors.co.uk) and two very hardworking VW Transporter Kombis, we managed to mover our entire workshop, tooling, projects and spares into the new unit, as well as building up the racking and setting our workspaces.

There are still a few things to sort - a mezzanine floor for additional storage, plumbing in the airlines and the addition of a few timesaving tools and creature comforts, but on the whole, we are in a good place to kick on.

You can now find us at Unit 9, Runway Farm, Honiley Road, Kenilworth CV8 1NQ

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