Helical Limited Slip Differential for use with 


  • E24 633csi, 635csi
  • E28 518i
  • E28 525i, 535i
  • E28 528i Manual
  • E30 325i Manual
  • E30 325ix Manual Rear
  • E30 M3
  • E34 524td Manual
  • E34 525i Automatic, Australian specification
  • E34 525i Manual
  • E34 530i, 535i
  • E36 323i Auto
  • E36 325i Manual and auto
  • E36 328i Auto
  • E36 M3 3.0
  • E36 M3 Evo 3.2 with final drive 2227453
  • E36 M3 USA
  • xE36 NOT FOR final drive 1428373
  • Z1 ALL
  • Z3 M Coupe
  • Z3 M Roadster


The advantages of the Blackline Helical LSD include:


  • Equal rotational speed to both wheels
  • Torque distributed according to traction
  • Minimal service requirements - no clutches
  • Quick reaction compared to viscous LSD setups
  • Gentle and progressive engagement, low noise
  • Easily controlled power on take-off and drifting
  • Gears and body manufactured from 8620 alloy steel
  • Direct replacement into a stock differential
  • Top quality at a competitive price

Blackline HLF022 - BMW E24,E28,E30,E34 E36,xE36,Z1,Z3 ATB Helical LSD

  • Suitable for E24 633csi, 635csi, E28 518i, E28 525i, 535i ,E28 528i Manual, E30 325i Manual, E30 325ix Manual Rear, E30 M3, E34 524td Manual, E34 525i Automatic, Australian specification, E34 525i Manual, E34 530i, 535i, E36 323i Auto, E36 325i Manual and auto, E36 328i Auto, E36 M3 3.0, E36 M3 Evo 3.2 with final drive 2227453, E36 M3 USAx, E36 NOT FOR final drive 1428373, Z1 ALL, Z3 M Coupe, Z3 M Roadster (check with us for suitibility)